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9 Bedroom Design Ideas Designers Swear By | Architectural Digest

As you’re pondering bedroom design ideas, consider this: “Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every room,” Mark Hampton, the famed interior designer, was quoted saying. This adage is perhaps nowhere more true than in the bedroom, a place of rest and retreat. “Of all the rooms in a home, bedrooms might have the most significant impact on well-being and mood,” says Ximena Rodriguez, principal and director of interior design of CetraRuddy in New York City. A chamber makeover needs calming elements that make it relaxing to rest in, but it also has to be a space that keeps you from waking up on the wrong side of the bed. 

You might think that streamlining a room’s purpose may require a large-scale overhaul. Not so. Simple changes like implementing clutter-reducing storage, a novel layout with bedside views of the outdoors, or even a plush area rug can go a long way toward creating a peaceful, mood-boosting bedroom that dreams are made of, Rodriguez adds.

“A bedroom is a unique anchor point of the home, a temple of sleep and rest, and an intimate place to express personality and create serenity,” says Andrew Bowen, partner and head of ASH Staging in New York City. To refresh the aesthetic of a bedroom in impactful ways, Bowen advises changing up the focal points through the clever use of texture, textiles, and color—all design components that don’t require a hard-core renovation. 

Below, nine innovative ideas from interior designers who know that updating your bedroom doesn’t have to be stressful or a 360-degree overhaul. Read on for tips on how headboard tweaks and inviting natural light are just a few of the examples that can transform your crammed bedroom into soothing quarters. 

This Gable Interiors bedroom demonstrates that the bed can anchor the entire room.

One of the easiest bedroom design ideas can be as simple as moving your bed to a new spot. Approach the layout in a way that when you enter the room, the bed is the star.  “Whenever I design a main bedroom, I make the bed the central focus,” says Melanie Thomas of Melanie Thomas Design in Los Angeles. “The bed should be the focal point of the room, so place it in a position that immediately takes center stage.” Thomas notes that you can truly highlight the bed by adding a soft and subtle headboard or hanging a tapestry overhead. According to feng shui, a bed should command the room.

Unobstructed windows streaming in light can be a game changer in bedroom design, as this Sharp + Grey Interiors room can attest.

Yes, bedrooms are for sleeping, but chances are you hang out in the chamber throughout the day, especially if it doubles as a home office. “One of my favorite bedroom transformation tips is to design for light,” Rodriguez says. “Thinking about how sun and shadow play over the room throughout a day can help you plan simple yet impactful changes like repainting your walls in a cool, calming color, or placing works of art to catch light in compelling ways.” The fix can be as simple as removing dour drapes and installing roller shades in the frame of the window.

ASH Staging uses light play off the wall art and furniture.

 Swap out an outdated ceiling fan or recessed lighting for a statement chandelier, says Kelley Gable, owner and principal designer of Gable Interiors in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, who believes that lighting is “the jewelry to any room.” If you’re not in the market for a new light fixture, dimmers can make a serious impact, adds Jessica Nicastro of Jessica Nicastro Design in Los Angeles.

Libby Rawes, principal of Sharp + Grey Interiors in Philadelphia, upgrades bedrooms with tableside lighting. “I recommend two side tables with task lamps for mood lighting and to read, and another on the dresser and in the seating area,” she says. 

A colorful blanket can make all the difference in bedroom decor, as seen in this Natalia Miyar Atelier design.

For an easy bedroom makeover, Bowen is all about layering in sumptuous textiles throughout the space to amplify the softness of the surfaces. His go-to? “A unique area rug, bespoke bedding, and warm throw blankets can all coalesce to create a true sanctuary experience.” A throw blanket alone can completely change the vibe. To get the most versatility, look for a reversible blanket. Bella Notte Linens carries jewel-toned hand-dyed throw blankets edged with silk velvet for a luxe bedroom upgrade. 

Natalia Miyar Atelier shows that an upholstered headboard can make all the difference.

A headboard is an oft overlooked  real estate of bedroom design. Toronto-based Jaclyn Genovese of Spaces By Jacflash notes that investing in something that is perfectly designed for your lifestyle and personal taste is a must. Consider switching it up to make a statement. “Running the headboard the length of the wall also adds a cozy, cocooning feel,” adds London- and New York City–based designer Natalia Miyar, founder of Natalia Miyar Atelier. Miyar often designs unique headboards in bold, dynamic fabrics. “With the bed anchoring the design, it’s easy to save on accents to complete the space.” Whether you opt for an artsy velvet creation or a cushioned arch, a statement headboard can become part of the room’s architecture.  When paired with crisp bedding and colorful cushions and throws, the bed can take on a new personality, transforming a room with no need for a hammer.

A bed with Sferra linens showcases ultimate layering.

Sleep affects your overall health, mood, and energy, so your bed itself is naturally one of the biggest priorities in the bedroom. “Bed styling and layers have become a major focal point,” says Genovese. “There is nothing like climbing into a stylish but comfortable bed.” Even something as basic as a mattress topper can make a difference. You’ll also want to change up the bedding material seasonally. Look for cooling percale for warmer months, or sateen for the chilly weather to add a bit of warmth, says Dean Tomihama, vice president of of creative design for Sferra, an Italian fine linen brand.

ASH Staging wows with mustard-hued panels framing the windows.

Kristina Phillips of Kristina Phillips Interior Design in Ridgewood, New Jersey, considers fabric window treatments one of the best no-fuss changes you can make to revitalize your bedroom. “Installing drapery in a beautiful fabric along with wovens tucked underneath for additional light control can transform a bedroom,” Phillips says. “Make sure they are hung as close to the crown molding as possible in order to create the illusion of taller windows.” 

A New York condo bedroom at 200 East 59 is all about the plush rug—designed by CetraRuddy.

A bedroom rug should large enough to fill most of the space. “When designing a bedroom, it is vital that the furniture is anchored with an appropriate sized rug,” says Oshri Adri, cofounder of Adri + Dahlman Interiors in New York. “The rug should start several inches in front of the nightstands and extend beyond the bed at least two to three feet.” Given that bedrooms vary in size, it may be difficult to find a premade rug in the the correct scale. That's why shopping in-person might be a better option than shopping online. Adri adds that any broadloom carpet can be cut and bound to a rug that is the perfect size for your room. For an extra dose of coziness and that “lived in” factor, antique-style rugs and furniture actually work as a bedroom refresh. “The warmth and history of vintage [pieces] elevate the otherwise functional space and give it that coveted charm,” Thomas says.

A moody hue can set the tone. 

Thomas prefers to paint bedrooms dark, moody colors like aubergine, deep indigo blue, soft muted gray, and even terra-cotta. “It instantly creates an atmosphere of calm and relaxation,” she says, elaborating that if you have a favorite color you’ve used as an accent throughout the rest of the house, paint your bedroom a few shades darker than that hue to create a cohesive flow. “For an extra bit of fun, go for the full effect and paint the ceiling so that the room feels infinite and yet cozy at the same time. The color should be enveloping.”

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9 Bedroom Design Ideas Designers Swear By | Architectural Digest

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