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2022-10-31 23:29:03 By : Ms. Wendy Wang

In the era of connectivity and intelligence, there is no doubt that the robotics industry is bound to rise. In this booming sector, players along the industry chain are all striving to grasp their pieces of cake.

Robotics is an industry of significant potential in the 21st century. Technological advances, coupled with the world’s aging population, are sure to spur the demand for robots across the globe. Robotics is a diverse sector with many moving parts. EqualOcean dived deep into the industry and selected 30 players in the manufacturing of key components for your reference. Hydraulic Vane Type Rotary Actuator

1.    Wuma Reducer

Zhejiang Wuma Reducer Co. Ltd (Chinese: 浙江午马减速机有限公司) is a national Hi-tech enterprise that specializes in the development and production of various types of speed reducers. Its main products include RV series worm reducer, helical gearbox, WAH series hypoid gear reducer, and precision planetary gearbox.

2.    Wanxing Reducer

Hangzhou Wanxing Reducer Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 杭州万兴减速机有限公司) is a specialized enterprise integrating the research, development, manufacture and sales of transmission machinery. Its main products include cycloidal lantern reducer, SWL series worm gear lifter, WB series micro cycloidal lantern reducer, stage-specific boom reducer, WP, FC Series worm reducer, NMRV series aluminum shell worm reducer, UD series planet cone-disk step less speed varistor, chemical reactor frame, coupling, etc. 

3.    Shuanghuan Company

Zhejiang Shuanghuan Driveline Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 浙江双环传动机械股份有限公司) is a company principally engaging in the research, development, design and manufacture of mechanical transmission gears. More than 60% of its sales are contributed by Fortune 500 customers. Thanks to its competitive high-performance high-speed railway gears, the company has become the only global strategic supplier of ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

In 2020, Leaderdrive (Chinese: 绿的谐波) launched an IPO worth CNY 1.06 billion. Leaderdrive is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and the design and manufacture of harmonic gearing devices for precision motion and positioning in automated machines. The company mainly develops and produces strain wave gear harmonic speed reducers, rotary actuators, frameless direct drive torque motors, and precision machining tables.

ZHSima (Chinese: 珠海飞马) is a Sino-foreign joint venture specializing in the development, production and sales of precision planetary cycloidal reducers, harmonic reducers for industrial robots and precision reducers used in concrete mixers, mixer trucks, belt machines, dry mortar machines, construction hoists, as well as gears, shaft parts and other transmission machinery products.

In March 2022, Chietom (Chinese: 智同) harvested equity capital worth hundreds of millions of CNY. Investors include Beijing E-town International Investment (Chinese:亦庄产投), Y&R Capital (Chinese:雅瑞资本) and Enrich Capital (Chinese:恩利资本). Founded in 2015, Chietom, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in developing and manufacturing precision reducers applied in robot joints. More than 10 models of Chietom's products (‘CRV E’ and ‘CRV C’ series) have been welcomed by domestic and overseas markets. 

Established in 2008, SMEI (Chinese: 赛威电子) aims to become a world-renowned semiconductor producer in the era of IoT and AI by focusing on the development of MEMS process and wafer fabrication on the one hand and GaN materials and devices on the other hand. The company has a global presence and serves customers including global DNA/RNA sequencer giants, new ultrasound device giants, network communication and application giants, as well as leading companies in industrial and consumer segments.

Founded in 1997, Silan (Chinese: 士兰微) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design of IC chips and the manufacturing of semiconductor microelectronics-related products. The monthly output of its IC chip production line for chips of 6 inches or less is currently 210,000 pieces, ranking fifth in the world. It has also developed the production lines for 8-inch and 12-inch chips. The company enjoys a leading position in many technical fields, such as green power supply chip technology and MEMS sensor technology.

Founded in 2007, MEMSensing (Chinese:敏芯微电子) was funded by multiple high-profile VCs and angel investors around the globe. It is one of the earliest high-tech companies in China focusing on MEMS sensor products and solutions. MEMSensing has established two mature product lines: MEMS microphone and pressure sensor. Its products have been applied in various industries such as consumer electronics, industrial control, medical electronics and automotive.

Founded in 1999, MEMSIC (Chinese:美新半导体) is a leading company in the field of inertial sensors in China. In 2021, it attained over CNY 1 billion in Series A. MEMSIC is one of the earliest suppliers of IDM mode inertial sensors in China. The company provides customers with one-stop solutions from MEMS sensor chips, software algorithms and application solutions. Its products include thermal accelerometers, capacitive accelerometers, AMR magnetometers, and low-power consumption Hall switches.

Camsense (Chinese: 欢创科技) is a Shenzhen based vision space positioning company. In 2021, it harvested nearly CNY 100 million in Series B++, led by Costone Capital (Chinese:基石资本). The company focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of vision space positioning products. It provides customers with highly precise sensors with its self-developed core algorithm and chips. Its products have been applied in consumer robots, industrial tests, and medical scenarios.

LSLiDAR (Chinese: 镭神智能) was established in February 2015. It received nearly CNY 300 million in Series C in 2021. With strong independent R&D capabilities, it aims to become a world-leading LiDAR supplier and the full package solution provider. Its LiDARs have been used in autonomous driving, smart transportation, railway, robotics, logistics, mapping, security, water transport and industrial automation.

RoboSense (Chinese: 速腾聚创)is a leading provider of Smart LiDAR Sensor Systems. In February 2022, RoboSense attained CNY 2.4 billion in one funding round, led by numeral investors including BYD. with a complete portfolio of LiDAR sensors, AI perception and IC chipsets, RoboSense transforms conventional 3D LiDAR sensors with comprehensive data analysis and interpretation systems. RoboSense LiDAR systems have been widely applied to future mobility solutions, including autonomous cars, commercial vehicles, automated logistics vehicles, and robots.

Founded in 2014, Hesai Technology (Chinese: 禾赛科技) is a global leader in lidar technology for autonomous driving and ADAS. In 2021, it bagged USD 370 million in Series D. Up to date, the company has harvested over USD 500 million from Xiaomi, Meituan, Bosch, Baidu, Lightspeed, Hillhouse, CPE, Qiming, and other global investors. Hesai’s new manufacturing center for automotive production will commence operation in 2022, with a planned capacity of over 1 million units.

Established in 2014, Rokid specializes in the research and product development of Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence. In March 2022, the company harvested CNY 700 million in Series C. Through multi-disciplinary research in speech recognition, natural language processing, computer vision, optical display, chip platform, and hardware design, the company combines cutting-edge Al and AR technologies with industrial applications to provide full-stack solutions for customers in different verticals.

Founded in 2011, Sinorobot (Chinese: 普华灵动), focuses on precision transfer robots (AGV+/RGV+). Through years of technical accumulation and product optimization, the company has developed a series of mobile cooperative robots with independent intellectual property rights, which are widely used in rail transit and industry 4.0, business services, vocational education and other fields. Its products include railway network inspection robots, railway vehicle inspection robots, omnidirectional mobile platform OMV, AGVs and intelligent distribution systems.

LINX ROBOT(Chinese:灵西机器人), an unmanned warehouse solution provider, completed its Series B+ funding round worth hundreds of millions of CNY, led by KinGary Capital(Chinese:熙诚金睿) in July 2022. The company focuses on the research and development of 3D vision technology, providing integrated solutions of 3D vision cameras, AI algorithms and robot vision for customers in various industries.

Orbbec (Chinese:奥比中光) is an industry leader in 3D vision technologies. It launched an IPO worth over CNY 1.24 billion in July 2022. The company has established a 3D vision technology system with full-stack research and development capabilities and various technological routes. It has made efforts in the development of depth engine ASIC chips, photosensitive chips, special optical systems, and SDKs, aiming to design an affordable 3D camera with the best accuracy, range, resolution, and responsiveness.

Established in 1991, GSK (Chinese: 广州数控) specializes in the manufacturing of GSK machine control systems, AC servo drive and servo motor, spindle servo drive and spindle motor, GSK industrial robots, GSKAEz series of full-electric precision injection molding machines, CNC machine tools and CNC transformation of machine tools.

Founded in 2003, Inovance (Chinese: 汇川技术), is a leading provider of industrial automation solutions to OEMs and end users. The company’s flexible techniques and deep understanding of industry sectors –such as plastics, printing, packaging and iron & steel production – have allowed it to establish leading industry-specific business units. Its portfolio covers the complete range of industrial automation products including AC drives, servo drives & motors, PLCs & HMIs, motion control, CNCs, and industrial robots.

Step (Chinese: 新时达) is positioned as the expert in electric drive and motion control, mainly focusing on six areas, namely electric control, industrial drive, industrial robot, motion control, Internet of Things, and new energy. Its core products include industrial robots, servo drives, high/medium/low voltage inverters, integrated controllers, elevator control systems, COP & LOP, elevator wire and cables, IoT, new energy vehicle motor controllers etc.

Established in August 2018, Changing Tek (Chinese: 知行机器人) focuses on developing advanced robot and artificial intelligence technologies and providing flexible, reliable, safe and intelligent robotic hands and intelligent operating systems for manufacturers. Its self-developed intelligent robotic hands can carry out precise position and force control. The products include collaborative robotic hands, industrial electric hands, multi-functional pneumatic hands, and servo motors with drive and control integrated.

For more than ten years, Scibold (Chinese: 施博尔) has been committed to the development and manufacture of valve actuators. It has developed numerous series of valves, such as SIBL5, SIBL3, SIBL2, SIBL1, SND, and SD series, each containing electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and hybrid valve actuators and supporting devices. They are widely used in petrochemical, mining, metallurgy, natural gas, electric power, cement and building industries all over the world.

Founded in June 2014, Tianjin T.Crystal Actuator Co.,Ltd (Chinese: 天津特克执行器有限公司) is a high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales of electric actuators. The company has successfully developed electric actuator series, such as Basic ON/OFF, intelligent ON/OFF, intelligent modulating, BUS type and so on, which are widely used in a variety of fields like metallurgy, chemical industry, water supply, and pharmaceuticals.

JD Controls has wide experience in Projects, Maintenance, and Production & Marketing of industrial valves for the leading valve manufacturing companies based in Ahmedabad. The company s product mix includes Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly, Ball, Plug, Pulp, 2-way/ 3-Way Motorized/ Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuated Control Valves, Electric actuated valves, Strainer, Diaphragm Valve, Needle valves & Pinch valves.

ESTUN (Chinese: 埃斯顿) is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of high-end intelligent equipment and its key components. The company mainly focuses on four categories of products, namely metal forming computer numerical control (CNC) system, electro-hydraulic servo system, alternating current (AC) servo system and motion control system. Its flagship product is the Trio control system.

Topband (Chinese: 拓邦) is a high-tech company specializing in the development and manufacture of intelligent controllers, high-efficient motors and lithium batteries for the household appliance and power tools industry, as well as for technology-related markets like IoT, robotics, energy storage batteries, and automotive electronics.

CRP Robot (Chinese: 卡诺普) is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in the R&D, production and sales of collaborative robots, industrial robots and core components, such as control systems, servo systems and intelligent sensors. In 2020, it attained CNY 200 million in Series B. After 9 years of development, CRP has become the largest supplier of domestic independent industrial robot controllers, and its market share in subdivisions such as domestic welding and domestic spray robot control has reached nearly 90%.

Googol Technology (Chinese: 固高科技), is the first high-tech company in the Asia Pacific region to specialize in R&D, production, marketing, and support of motion controllers and controller-based systems. Googol Technology provides a technological innovation platform for machine manufacturers, focusing on the four core technologies - motion control technology, servo drive technology, machine vision technology and mechanical design optimization.

SIASUN (Chinese: 新松) is a listed high-tech enterprise affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which focuses on robotic technology and provides intelligent products & services. It has independently developed industrial robots, collaborative robots, mobile robots, special robots and service robots, and also designed intelligent integrated systems for smart factories, intelligent equipment, intelligent logistics, semiconductor equipment and intelligent transportation.

The robotics industry is an emerging trillion market you should not miss. Hope you’ve found something useful in the 30 players mentioned above. In the following passages, robotics companies specializing in production and integration will be introduced. Stay tuned.

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