Portable Mini Drilling Rig/DTH Portable Water Well Drilling Rig

Drill up to 200m, hole diameter 75-400mm, portable core drill with all the accessories!Portable core drill for soil investigation & geological exploration XY-2001. Application-- Water well- -Core sampling drill and SPT--Geological Exploration and Prospecting- -Geothermal wells- -Blast-hole-- Irrigation projects2. Features1.

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Drill up to 200m, hole diameter 75-400mm, portable core drill with all the accessories!

Portable core drill for soil investigation & geological exploration XY-200
1. Application
-- Water well
- -Core sampling drill and SPT
--Geological Exploration and Prospecting
- -Geothermal wells
- -Blast-hole
-- Irrigation projects

2. Features
1. Hydraulic Control System
Automatic up and down of the hoist and drill rod. Very convenient and time-saving.
2. Two Kinds Power Supply
Diesel engine or Electrical motor as per your quest
3. Various Drilling Bits
Three-wing Bit, Alloy Bit, Diamond Bit to drill soft and hard rock, especially diamond
Bit effective in hard rock.
4. Mobile base
Two or four wheels mobile base can be on tractors, trailers or cars. Very convenient
For outdoor and rugged place.
5. Assemble and dissemble
Easy operation and one person is able to carry it.

3. Drilling rig Manufacturer DEFY Serive
1. Professional techinical support pre-sale, sale and after-sale.
2. Your problems can get feedback in 8 hours and soloved in 24 hours.
3. Machine can be customized as per your requirement.
Xy-200 Portable Core Drilling Rig for Sale

Technical Parameters.
1,Main parameter
Drilling depth200m
Maximum borehole caliber400mm
Minimum borehole caliber75mm
Diameter of Drill pipe42,50,60mm
Drilling angle90°~75°
Weight(Not include power)810kg
Unity machine dimension2750*950*1600mm
2.Vertical Spindle 
Spindle rotating speed64,128,287,557r/min
Spindle stroke450mm
Max. single line lifting capacity1600kgf
Reel lifting speed17,35,75,151m/s
Steel wire rope diameter12mm
Steel wire rope volume26mm
Hug floodgate diameter245mm
Hug floodgate belt width70mm
Movable distance400mm
4. Mud pump 
TypeHorizontal Single Cylinder with 2 purpose
Max. DischargeDiesel engine160L/min
Electrical Motor140L/min
Max. Pressure 1.2MPa
Work Pressure0.7MPa
5. Power 
Diesel engine22HP
6. Drilling tower 
TypeIntegrated on drilling rig
Control systemHydraulic
7. Trailer chassis 
Type4 wheels
Support legsMechanical or hydraulic type


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